Life at Infomatics

When life gives us lemons, we learnt to make lemonades

Written by - Avinash Das

we are hiring

A country to run an economy needs it’s businesses and businesses need talent to keep it running. It has indeed been a challenging phase for businesses and job seekers as we all have begun to adapt with the norm of working from home.

We are Hiring

No doubt, managing the human resources in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic has been a challenging experience for many businesses. In our effort to combat it and to ensure our business continuity, there have been positive consequences to our lives, businesses, and to the economy in the manner we have conducted our recruitments.

HR - On the Forefront

Job seekers during these pandemic are in for a surprise. Our HR was successful in providing those surprises to many job seekers by conducting initial telephonic interview rounds of shortlisted candidates. Everything from then on was a virtual experience. Learning from our experience with conducting remote meetings & virtual collaborations, our digital recruitment also found it’s bearing to get through these challenging days in conducting our business and we did it quite effectively.

Today, like most businesses we too have adopted the use of various tools to source, hire, and engage employees to ensure optimum staffing across functions. New age virtual hiring is playing an important role in minimizing business disruption and making people adapt to changing needs. With the temporary closure of the usual route to recruiting talent, we took the virtual highway to accelerate the hiring process.

Digital Recruitment

Social distancing norms have ensured that we turn towards virtual collaboration platforms that offer 100% mobile experiences. Multi Purpose tools have redefined the recruitment processes through their efficiency at every phase of the recruiting process: screening, assessment, documentation and on-boarding.

Online Induction

Welcoming the new employee, leaving behind the old norm. Everyone made it a point to join the video call to welcome our latest joinee, Sarah D’souza early this month. It was an attempt to make the welcome as warm as we usually did in our physical office. We are sure of onboarding many more during the ensuing months.

We are Hiring - online induction

A Step in the Right Direction.

Our HR function is doing remarkable work in keeping the hope and assurance of our employees and future job seekers. During these lockdown periods, thanks to virtual hiring tools and techniques we are in a sound position to be in touch with one another and in conducting our business as usual.

Visit our careers page to know more about our current opportunities. Lets make some lemonades!