Liquidity, Cashflow, Recons

Infomatics Trillium® is a solution suite for visibility of banking information, automated reconciliation, managing investments & borrowing by seamlessly integrating with multiple systems to provide a comprehensive cash flow that you need, on real-time.

Real time visibility of bank statements & balance

Automated reconciliation

Comprehensive Cash Flow

Investment & Borrowing


Knowing all this, can take you a notch up,
to plan & execute your liquidity requirements, better.

Quick Facts


11 Leading Asset Management Companies ​rely on​ Trillium for their daily operational Cash Management & Banking activities.


2nd largest​ Retail Chain​ by market cap relies on ​Trillium ​for reconciliation of their daily sales vs revenue.


​3rd largest Finance Leasing and Hiring Company relies on​ Trillium to get real-time visibility of their banking transactions.


One of largest NBFC relies on Trillium to manage their CMS & Non-CMS transactions.


Leading 3PL Provider relies on Trillium for monitoring their daily operational Cash & Treasury activities

  • NBFCs
  • Mutual Fund
  • Banks
  • Retail
  • Corporate

CMS reconciliations for loan products

Bank account consolidations for disbursements, repayments & pool accounts

Treasury cash flow projections

Channel integrations with Loan Management systems

Scheme management cash and banking operations

Branch integrations

Custody, fa, exchange integrations

Cash flow Projections

​Cash management services​ for it's corporate customers

​Integration with core systems, trading and regulatory platforms

Forex limit monitoring​ & regulatory reporting

Interfacing their POS (point of sales) across various locations

Automated and assisted Reconciliation

Integration with SAP/Oracle Financials/ERP

Quick and real-time reconcilation of cash and credit card sales

Account Payable & Receivable Reconciliation

Integration with operations and Treasury bank accounts

Cashflow projections

Integration with operation ERP

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